Winona Hims Christmas Concert

hims2015_christmasThis dreary, rainy afternoon was made more cheerful and warm with Winona Hims Christmas Concert at Wesley United Methodist Church.

Volunteers for Let’s Go Fishing of Winona served as ushers for the event. The freewill offering at this concert was donated to Let’s Go Fishing of Winona. Esther Hall, Recreation Director of St. Anne of Winona expressed her appreciation of all Let’s Go Fishing does for the residents of St. Anne of Winona and Calista Court. She spoke of the opportunities for these residents to continue enjoying the Mississippi River into their elder days.

This offering brings over $4,000 to help continue our mission.

Updates to Winona Area Team Site and Scheduling

Last year, we installed a new scheduling system to improve efficiency. Almost everyone has learned to use this system and it has worked out well for us.

This system was donated by Microsoft through TechSoup at no cost to us. If we purchased this software, it would cost several hundred dollars.

This year, we are upgrading the system. There are not many changes, but several improvements. Most of the improvements are not visible to most of our volunteers. They will make the job easier for the Schedulers. Users will be able to use the schedule in Calendar format or the familiar schedule format.

The biggest change to implement the system is a change in your sign-on. Each volunteer and client will be contacted with specific sign-on instructions. This will be a simple operation, and we will help you every step of the way.

Weekly Veterans and Seniors Fishing Trips

Wednesday afternoons – July through September 2015

Join us for a FREE two-hour fishing trip on the Mississippi River. Let’s go Fishing is devoted to its Mission of enriching the lives of individuals through free fishing and boating activities that strengthen communities, build relationships, and create memories.

  • Limited to 8 seniors or veterans
  • Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. Boat leaves the dock at Levee Park at 4:45 p.m.
  • Poles and bait will be provided, but guests are welcome to bring their own
  • Fishing licenses required by DNR, but we do not monitor this
  • Wheelchairs are accommodated, limited to 2 per trip
  • Donations are welcome

Schedule by calling (507) 205-7853 or email:

If no one schedules the trip by Tuesday evening, the trip will be cancelled.


RSVP Program

RSVP Program – Minnesota Senior Corps

Adults 55 and over volunteering in their community

The RSVP Program provides an opportunity for volunteers to put their skills, talents, and life experiences into motion for others – and benefit our Minnesota communities in the process. Sharing the skills they have spent years developing, RSVP volunteers put those skills into practice to improve the lives of community members throughout the state. Whether building homes for the needy, preparing income tax reports for the elderly, or mentoring a child, RSVP volunteers strengthen our communities.

Benefits include:

  • Transportation reimbursement
  • Ongoing training and recognition
  • Accident and liability insurance while volunteering
  • Possible meal on site

To qualify as a volunteer:

  • You must be 55 years of age or older and in good general health.
  • Be flexible and available with service activity schedule.
  • Have dependable transportation available and be willing to travel in the service area.
  • Have compassion, patience, flexibility and respect for others.
  • Work well with diverse individuals, families, groups and organizations.

Click here for RSVP Volunteer Enrollment Form. You must sign into the LGF-Winona Area Team Site to download this document.
Call (507) 205-7853 if you have any questions.

A Moment of Science – Indiana Public Media | How The Mississippi Changes Its Course

Can the Mississippi River change direction?

Source: A Moment of Science – Indiana Public Media | How The Mississippi Changes Its Course

Great News!

The proceeds from the Hims Christmas Concert this year is going to go to Let’s Go Fishing. This should largely cover the cost of the new pontoon canopy, so we will not have to borrow any money to pay for it.
The LGF extended family will be asked to also volunteer as ushers or assisting set-up and take-down for the concert.

Our Pontoon has been Refurbished!

DSCN2551jpg062115Our pontoon has a new Canopy. It is great. There is a 360 degree view with the pontoon completely enclosed. By opening the large windows, we can get port to starboard and fore to aft ventilation.

We have much better flexibility in our trips, because we can be completely protected from rain, wind, and, to some degree, cold.  Most trips can be taken leaving the flaps down and simply unzipping the windows, but the flaps can certainly be rolled up for a more outdoor feeling or to make room for fishing.

Pontoon Canopy and Life Jackets

Please do Not clean the clear vinyl with Windex or any other kind of glass cleaner. There is a special clear vinyl cleaner that will not scratch that will be left on the pontoon.

The pontoon is at the Winona Marina so stop down and take a look. Willie Hahn and his team have cleaned the carpet, cleaned the seats and cleaned the exterior.

In addition there is now a dock box where we will keep life jackets rather than keep them on the pontoon. The box is on the landing at the head of A dock. It has a padlock and the key is on the ignition keys to the pontoon which are in the ignition on the pontoon.


Trip Schedule

Scheduling Trips

Sue Kimber has generously offered to be scheduling coordinator for Lets Go Fishing. Her email address is Please email her with the dates and times you would like to schedule trips. If your requests can be fulfilled she will put you on the schedule and notify you. If the slot is already taken she will send you what is open.

Monday through Friday there will be a morning and afternoon trip. The morning trip will start at 9:30 am and the afternoon trip at 1:30 pm.
A late afternoon trip on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri will have a flexible time start and a trip could be started anytime from 4pm to 6pm.

We will also schedule trips on weekends and these trips will also have flexible time starts.
Click here to view or edit the schedule. Usernames and passwords are the same as last year. Call or email Jean Dowd with any questions (507) 205-3556.

Trips may be scheduled any time you can get a crew together. There must be a captain and a mate for any trip to be scheduled. A late afternoon trip on Mon,Tues,Thurs and Fri will have a flexible time start and a trip could be started anytime from 4pm to 6pm.

We will also schedule trips on weekends and these trips will also have flexible time starts.