Volunteer Appreciation Party

It is time to have a volunteer appreciation party and the suggested date is Sunday, September 13 in the afternoon. It can be held in the picnic area at Winona Marina which has a grill, fireplace, electricity, some tables and chairs, and playground equipment. Dave will take care of reserving this area, making sure we have grill gas, firewood, extension cords, adequate tables and chairs, etc.

However, we need the following volunteers:

  • A person to tabulate how many and who will attend. Volunteers and family members or significant others are invited
  • A person to organize the potluck
  • A person to purchase the non potluck food and beverages to be paid for by LGF
    • Hamburgers, brats and buns
    • Beer, wine, pop, water, coffee
    • Catsup, mustard and other condiments
    • appetizers?
  • A person to purchase and bring paper plates, cups, glasses, napkins, disposable silverware, etc.
  • A person to do the grilling

Please respond to Dave Rowekamp if you will assume one of these duties. If the positions are filled, we will proceed with further planning. If they are not, I will send out a call for the unfilled duties before scrapping the idea.

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  1. jdowd
    jdowd says:

    The party is on and will be held at the Winona Marina on Sunday, September 13 at 4:00 p.m. Please notify Dave Rowekamp if you plan to attend along with the number of people you are bringing.


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